Sunday, November 1, 2009

Home on the Range

We've been starting to watch the series Deadwood through our "let's hear it for no commercials" Netflix .
Deadwood is an American Western drama that aired a few years ago on HBO. Set in the 1870s in Deadwood, South Dakota, the show is filled with historical fact and fiction in regards to that time in history and if you can get over the swearing in every other line, you'll be investing in an interesting and thought provoking show.
I can say that my husband enjoys the show more than I do, but what I find fascinating is that the setting is less than 150 years ago in our history.
During certain parts of the storyline when characters cannot reach each other, I casually say "if they only had a cellphone."
When the newspaper editor receives "the newest and best" camera that's the size of a Thanksgiving turkey and has to be used with a manual burning flash--I become in awe of the "fits in my pocket" point and shoot camera. The vaccine that the pony express rider took a week to retrieve...where's FedEx when you need them?
I just can't imagine that these people could begin to fathom what life would be like in a short 150 years from their daily life of riding horses, having no electricity, phones, indoor plumbing and all the other "necessities" of life we take for granted.
Besides an hour of entertainment and learning a new vocabulary of profanity, the show does make you think and wonder and that's what a c*cksucking, motherf*cking television show can do for you.

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