Friday, November 6, 2009

dirty laundry?

I recently sent one of my Dressing On the Side tshirts to a website that was going to do a shout out about the etsy site and a little PR. It was a great post and when I asked if she had worn the Tshirt- and what she thought of it-she responded with:
"I tried it on but haven't worn it out yet. It's in my "to be washed pile as we speak!"
Which makes me you wash all of your clothes before wearing them? Am I missing something in the "clean and sanitary" department?!


laura @ so alaurable said...

I don't usually wash things first, especially shirts, although I know others who do, which also made me wonder if I'm not doing the "clean" thing. I figure it's the most likely time that it will be crisp and perfectly pressed!

Simply Mel said...

Call me a bit of a crazy freak, but yes, I do wash before I wear! (I picked it up from my mother - what can I say?!?!?)

Elizabeth said...

I had a roommate who wouldn't wear any "next to the skin" clothes without a wash first. I think the first wash ruins the new clothes feel, so usually I don't. My sister thinks washing shirts first guards against pit stains. Everybody's so picky about their clothes.