Thursday, October 29, 2009

The fourth grade girls at the elementary school where I am employed must have been the inspiration for this movie.
There are two groups of girls that are either best friends or mortal enemies at any said day of the week, lunch hour, or recess .
Is Cameron talking with Eden today?
Are Autumn and Whitney best friends now or was that last week?
Their friendship and quarreling during the week could create a season of drama for a preadolescent reality show with enough whining, fighting, and rejection of others to make the strongest adult weak in the knees.
Was I like this at that age? If only I could remember so I could contact everyone I ever knew in Mrs. Musso's class and apologize for my bad behavior.
I'm hoping these girls will "grow out of it" rather than "grow into it" and if you happen to be the mother of one of these girls...good luck.

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Simply Mel said...

Being a new mom to a baby girl - this is one of my WORST nightmares!