Thursday, July 30, 2009

I will survive

Going back to school has always meant being cut off from life on the Internet. Sure, we have computers...but, um...they're meant for learning or researching. Not exactly high on the list would be chuckling and leaving comments on my favorite blogger sites. I would usually bolt home at lunch to check on my email and catch up on any big news (you know...big news like what one blogger ate for dinner last night) all the while wolfing down a sandwich...not good.
BUT- Mr. B- what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man! He suggested I purchase a laptop to make things easier in my daily life. And so I did.
It's the incredibly sweet and petite Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Netbook that was built for my life on the computer. It's basically all about the Internet and the emails--things I'm obsessed about. I can stay at work during lunch and check out my favorite blogs while answering emails that otherwise would have to wait a grueling three hours for a reply (I told you I'm obsessed). I'll let you know how it all work.

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vicki archer said...

Sounds like a familiar story....xv