Sunday, July 26, 2009

how many times can you do it?

Most of you, some of you , or a few of you know that The Cupcakes Club came from me. I gave birth to a website. It's a fun website that entertains kids with contests, conversations, and an ongoing storyline of the girls from The Cupcakes Club. Oh- and it's free.

I noticed one day that there were hundreds of new members. Wow. Where did they come from? I began to investigate. It looks as if two little girls on summer vacation came up with about a hundred names to sign up on the club so they could talk, enter contests, and keep themselves busy in the summer months.

I could only smile. Do you remember when you were a kid and you were so bent on winning something or obsessing about something that it totally took over your life? We're flattered.


vicki archer said...

Fantastic and good on those enterprising little girls, xv.

Rolerkite said...

In sixth grade, one of my friends and I called a radio station at least 30 times within an hour to request C'mon 'N Ride The Train (obviously, I had hit rock bottom with my music choices). They eventually bartered with us and played the song if we agreed to never call them again.

mimi charmante said...

That is marvelous - if not terribly cheeky!
I just found you here - and am on your blogroll! What an honor!
Thank you~