Monday, August 3, 2009

Why didn't I think of that?

I like shopping as much as the next girl--but when I heard of this- I thought- great idea! much do we spend on the "wear it once" dress?! From their website:
"Why should celebrities and fashion editors get all the insider perks? They've been borrowing for years, but finally a former Lucky Magazine fashion editor is passing these perks onto you! Borrow a beautiful designer dress for 10% of it's retail price, risk-free. Watch for fabulous new arrivals every Monday. Become a member (for free) for full website access and pricing information, and get started on this guilt-free craze now... Who wants to be seen in the same dress twice anyway!"

1 comment:

vicki archer said...

Fantastic idea - I wish we had that here. Enjoy your weekend, xv.