Saturday, December 6, 2008

Movie Night

One of the nice things with husband being gone (besides the yogurt or broiled red peppers for dinner) is choosing movies that he may not tolerate but I have been yearning to see. Mrs. Palfrey at The Claremont was one of the movies on my Netflix list.
What a wonderful, charming, the way a movie is supposed to be made film. There were so many wonderful lines in the movie I kept thinking "I should write this down" or "that was wonderful" and at the end was the killer. The one that leaves you sobbing, the one that you have to grab the box of Kleenex and try to regroup.
"There are people that cross our lives in tiny fractions of time, in the briefest of encounters; and yet, they leave an indelible mark in our hearts and our minds."
Here's to being one of those people this season and all year long.

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vicki archer said...

I must watch this - it looks wonderful and I love Joan Plowright, she is a fabulous actress. Thank you for your lovely comments on French Essence and I am so glad to have found your blog. xv