Monday, December 1, 2008

I have a plane to catch....

My husband is THE most organized person I know. Drives me crazy, but it's his deal, and it's a good thing for his business and our life together. So, on Monday when he traveled down to Phoenix to catch the plane for Los Angeles and arrived at 4:00 for a 6:40 PM flight....I just thought; whatever.
After arriving in Los Angeles at 7:30 PM, he would be taking an international flight (from our frequent flyer miles, thank you very much) to New Zealand and even worked out going business and first class (woo hoo!)at 10:30 PM. Easy and organized, right?
The 6:40 flight from Phoenix did not leave until 8:30 PM thus causing a domino effect of great stress and anxiety that makes you feel like you're on Amazing Race and running for the million bucks. To add to the chaos, sweet husband had earlier checked in his bag and was going to claim it and recheck it for the international flight.
"Are you sure that's a good idea?" always late wife asked.
"Sure, I'll have plenty of time at will give me something to do before I have to catch the New Zealand plane," always prompt husband replied.
I don't know all the details as I just hung up at 10:15 PM with husband in super stress mode letting me know he was going to be the last one boarding the New Zealand bound plane and "he had never heard his name over the loudspeaker before so that was an experience." This man needs a vacation...go...have fun...relax.

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