Monday, December 15, 2008

Maybe not the body...but we share the scarf!

When I first saw this Matta scarf on Jennifer Aniston a couple of months ago I tried to unsuccessfully track it down. I searched, I googled, I researched...but nothing. Whatever.
Then, by a strange coincidence I was turned onto Cerulean's website by checking out a piece of jewelry and BAM! I saw the scarf on their website--unbelievable.
Of course, I clicked to order but...curses! The scarf was sold out! Ack! After the toil and trouble of trying to find it- I did- and then to have it snatched away from me. On a wing and a prayer I contacted their customer service to see if possibly there was one somewhere. Anywhere.
Struck out, but the customer service rep said there would be some new colors in Spring and that she would keep me in mind in case if anything ever showed up. Guess what?
I just got an email saying one scarf was back in stock and if I wanted it they would put it on their website so I could order it. Signed. Sealed. And being delivered by the end of this week.'re the best.

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vicki archer said...

Great detective work - that is one fabulous scarf. xv