Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Great Adventure

Those of you that have been following know that husband is in New Zealand having a great adventure with our daughter and her husband (see more about their great adventure here).
Why didn't I go? This was husband's time--a "reward" after some medical issues he went through this year--and some of the things they are doing --are not the kinds of things I would want to do on a "vacation" (on a reality show perhaps?). This is Dad and daughter at airport where they just JUMPED out of a plane--not exactly tops on my list of things to do!
Daughter and her husband- who just survived his jump- wearing his stylish flight jumpsuit. I suppose whatever works- as long as the parachute opens.
The three adventurers in their wetsuits on their way to jetboat the river, take a helicopter into a rafting site, and then raft down the river. Another day at the office.

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Carla said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. What a lovely post about your husband and daughter. They look like they are having a fantastic time and I here New Zealand is gorgeous. Carla