Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This might be humiliating...

Do you remember this episode of Sex and The City/fifth season:
Carrie is invited to San Francisco for a book reading and is very excited, for this is a chance to see Mr. Big.
I have been invited to Tempe, Arizona this weekend to be a part of "Tiaras and Tea" at Changing Hands Bookstore. It sounded fun until I found out that I would have to do a "reading" from my children's book I wrote.
You're probably thinking..."good for you! that's great". Remember the rest of that Sex and The City episode right before Carrie is going to read:
Carrie: [waiting with Mr. Winkle, the puppet dog, for her book reading to start] This book tour's tough.
Carrie: [Mr. Winkle continues to nod and pant. Carrie gives him a good look] That's a cute top.
I just know there's going to be a Mr. Winkle somewhere on Saturday at this bookstore...and it's not going to be near as funny.