Sunday, November 9, 2008

Amazing Race

I have a love/hate relationship to this show. I love to watch...the excitement, the fast-paced challenges, and the relationships that evolve fascinate me.
I hate to watch because I realize what a horrible person I would be on such an adventure! I'm not good at competition. I MUST WIN AT ALL COSTS. And; if things are not going my way--I can be a bitch. A SUPER BITCH. I would be the contestant you would love to hate because I would be yelling at everyone and whoever my partner would be (let's just assume it would be my husband) would be roadkill.
Plus, let's not even go to the logistics of such an adventure...when do you eat? Is there time for coffee in the morning? Bathroom breaks? I'm not a girl who can poop on demand. Change a tampon time-out? Running on too little sleep? Is there a mirror to put in my contact lens? Showers? Clean underwear?
I try to stay clear of competitions with unknown obstacles. I'd rather be the happy, easy-going girl who takes her time getting there and enjoying every moment along the way...and I'll be wearing clean panties.

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