Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lost in translation

So, we just got back from Las Vegas...I would say "Vegas" but I feel like such a poseur if I'd say that.

Anyway, didn't go there to gamble...we went to a show looking for cupcake related items for the website http://www.thecupcakesclub.com/ and monthly gifts for memberships. For those of you who follow my blog you'll remember that I am writing a children's book series and creating an interactive website for the "tweens" girls.

The show had lots of importers...lots of the Asian population who if I would not have had a picture of a CUPCAKE on my business card would have been at a total loss to what a cupcake is, was, or will ever be. Let's just say...not my target audience and the word "cupcake"gets lost in translation (although as a disclaimer, I am sure there are many, many, many, of you in the Asian population who are quite knowledgeable in the area of what a cupcake is).

While there, I did run into Julia Roberts and we talked about what big teeth we both have but she did understand what a cupcake was and I am proud to say that Miss Roberts will be our first celebrity Cupcakes Club member. Oprah (who was looking quite thin and must not be eating cupcakes as of late) also was most interested in The Cupcakes Club and we took a few minutes for an interview. All in all, a really good weekend.

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