Thursday, March 6, 2008

Who's your DADDY?

When I first inquired about our website,, from GoDaddy I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. They were ready to hold my hand and sell me everything they had to felt like a homepage to me.
But now, when we're getting down and dirty and things need to be uploaded with SQL's and PHP's and just when I don't understand a word of GoDaddy tech support starts to speak Chinese to me (they're probably getting back at me because they didn't understand the word "cupcakes" at the trade show) and to add insult to injury they give me attitude of "I can't believe you don't understand what I'm saying."
I am SO going to win at this game GoDaddy tech support...I will understand and go forth and win at this little thing we call the internet. And, I'm going to leave you in the corner at the cocktail party all by yourself with no social skills to speak of and no one to talk to.

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