Thursday, March 27, 2008

I don't get it

This is a picture (or real close to it...) of the toilet paper holders we have in our home. Polished nickel, no springs, a "slip and slide", "off and on", "so easy a monkey could change the toilet paper" sort of piece of hardware.

So, my husband is sweet enough to do the grocery shopping today and buy the toilet paper and even takes the time to divide up the 24 mega rolls into the three bathrooms... thanks baby!

But, why is it when I go into one of the bathrooms to "do my business" I see that the roll of toilet paper is sitting on top of the hardware. Not on the back of the toilet, not by the sink and definately NOT ON THE HARDWARE meant for holding the toilet paper. I don't get it...slide off the empty and slide on the full. So close, but yet so far.

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