Sunday, February 5, 2012

and breathe...

This is looking like a jam-packed week but it's all good.
The showing for Saturday was postponed until Monday (hooray!) so we had a couple of extra days to stage the home front.
Our new school lunchtime routine is beyond's amazing. Teaching our kids what to do and how to behave at lunch ("restaurant voices") was a "filling in the blank" for many of the kids we see. Along with better behavior in the lunchroom we are down to 4 trash bags rather than the normal 10--unbelievable and can't help but wonder if all schools would do this, what an impact it would have (although reusable lunch trays would be best; you need to start somewhere).
Shipping labels are on DOTS bags and stuffing them with LOVE tees starts today or tomorrow at the latest...gotta smile knowing that many will be pouring on our LOVE on Valentines Day this year.
Keep it cool...later.

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