Thursday, May 5, 2011

the weekend

      One night during the *husband and wife* casual cocktail hour; the subject of flowers came up. The details are foggy but I remember stating that it was the gorgeous peony that was my favorite and if it's not around...don't bother. I saw husband scribble something on paper (perhaps something like "she don't like no flowers"?!) and really thought nothing of it since.
This week while we've been soaking up our gorgeous weather, husband announced that he has been researching a special gift for my mother's day. And what did he think up? A peony plant for our back yard! Our gardener and florist friends gave him suggestions and I'm crossing my fingers for a few gorgeous blooms.
Ever tried your green thumb with peonies?


anita said...

yes! put it in the right spot and it will flourish.
and don't worry about the tiny ants you see on the unopened blooms -- it's their job to eat the tight leaves so the blooms will open!

benson said...

thanks Anita--sounds like you've got the big blooms in your yard as well :)

Kara said...

I love peonies!! One of my favs. My sister and I have had peonies and they are super easy in my opinion.

Ashley said...

peonies are so lovely. I don't have a green thumb, but I love photography other people's gardens.

megan said...

Wishing you a fantastic Mother's Day today! Wish you were closer so we could pamper you today!