Wednesday, May 25, 2011


if you've got them...flaunt them.
The trouble with the start up of warm weather and showing a little leg is having to use a self tanner which inevitably I smell no matter the fragrance...ugh.
Why is it that lately I feel as if my thighs are melting into my knees?! When did this happen? It's interesting that no matter your age you will always find some fault with your body but the ironic thing is that ten years from now you always think how great you looked.


Kara said...

Isn't that the truth!! 10-20 lbs ago I wasn't happy! Today I would take that body in a second!

ah well - such is life!

PS - I think your pup looks like a Max.

Dressing On The Side said...

I think of all the complaining that I did and how we should learn to compliment what we can do with our body no matter what we think it looks like! Running, hiking, swimming, biking, jumping...embrace the wonder of it all!
Max is an adorable name--but our Miss is a girl :) We did *find* her name...Lola.