Wednesday, February 23, 2011

working for the weekend

How many times can I wash, hand sanitize, and wipe down the kids reading table at my school this week? As many times as it takes to stay healthy so I can see Miss RubyBird this weekend. There's an ugly respiratory virus that's going around and I don't want to get it. The sweet thing is that the kids totally understood once they saw Ruby's pic. Even the "tough" 4 th grade boy said "awwww...she's so cute. here; give me a wipe so I can sanitize the keyboard for you."
And, if you're at home this weekend and looking for something to do...remember that Emily Henderson's Secrets of a Stylist will be on HGTV starting 2/26 (that's her house in the top pic and so perfect with the red cross for this post.)


Megan said...

We're jealous that you get to see Ruby! Give her lots of kisses for us.

Thanks for all the design advice for our living room dilemma. I love Emily's living room- I think a electic-mid century modern mix is the balance we need to be shooting for.

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

Ruby is precious!!!
Stay well so you can kiss, kiss, kiss her!

Furniture Jepara said...

give her a great kiss

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