Tuesday, February 9, 2010

hugs and kisses

when you're a kid, Valentine's Day is one of the best.
Do you remember picking out the PERFECT valentine for your 4th grade crush? Did he realize how much you agonized over giving him "You're PURR-fect" --with the illustration of a cat or "You make my motor run"--with the cartoon car??! You hope beyond hope that you sent the right message.
If you had a very cool teacher (Mr. Leo Hayes/6th grade) this too called for the most special card and of course your BFF's all would be delivered supersweet cards and candy(and the Valentines "mailboxes" that we used to make...love that too!)


my favorite and my best said...

sigh. good times. i had a few admirers. but they were all fat nerds.
the cool guys NEVER liked me. or if they did they were always too shy to inquire.
and as for me, it was always about my best friends getting the best valentine.

brittany barney said...

i too only had the nerds. and i had no problem shutting them right down. as the years progressed i had a bit of a tougher time. and for some reason i always insisted on making my own valentines. they were never cute. but i still love the holiday.

Giovanna said...

that's when valentine's day was fun! now it just seems so contrived. i want to find that you're purr-fect card now!

AppleTree said...

oh the torture of giving each kid the right one. and the delicious pleasure of deciphering the messages they sent you...