Thursday, October 16, 2008

Salad Nazi

I just found out that the school where I work, teachers can order custom, super salads for their lunchtime pleasure. I was in the lunchroom and asked the lunchlady for a salad.
"You have to order the salad," she said.
"That's right and I'm ordering the salad," I replied in a jovial, fun-filled voice.
"No. You must order the salad 24 hours before picking it up"
"24 hours?'s a salad. Chopped vegetables and other stuff"
"We have to call it in to the central cafeteria and they make it up and send it to us."
"Oh. You don't have the salads. Okay..." I say lightheartededly and added,"Well then, I'd like to order a salad for tomorrow."
"It's 11:30 now."
"And, I'm ordering a salad for tomorrow's lunch" beginning to grit my teeth.
"You have to order by 11:00."
I died. Pick up the phone and call it in, lunchlady. It's not like there's a million salads flying out of here. ONE SALAD. I saw one teacher leave with ONE salad today.
I went over to Jack-in-the-box and ordered a salad and had it placed in my hands within five minutes. And we wonder why our school systems are not working well.

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