Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm voting for *blank* You should too!

Forgive me if I sound politically incorrect--but what's the deal with putting your candidate of choice signage in your front yard?
Does your neighbor, Mr. Jones, think if he states his opinion on the upcoming election that he can sway you to vote with him? I mean...if Mr. Jones is voting for him..I AM TOO!
Or, is it just to say it loud, say it proud, to the neighborhood and to the world who you'll be voting for come November 4th? I wonder what the inside of the neighbor's house must look like.
Maybe the neighbors don't think the rest of the neighborhood has heard of their candidate before and is getting the word out for Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama? Perhaps they're thinking they're doing a public service to all in the community.
I think it's weird...strange...unnecessary.

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