Saturday, January 26, 2008

Revenge Is Mine

I try to do the right thing. I am not a cheat, I am not a liar, and I try to be a straight shooter. If you do the right thing, get it done, then problems should be few and far between. I believe my husband is TOTALLY this way and I hope that we raised our kids in much the same manner. Another thing I am is a lioness. Don't mess with my kids, don't be unjust to my husband, and I won't bite...I'll be one happy furry little lion.
So, here's the deal. If you've done the right thing and for some reason a person finds fault with whatever you may have done ...try to set it right and everyone lives happily ever after. Now there are those in life who are bitter, old, dried up, unhappy people. They will find fault with anything and everything you may do. Such is the case for a client of my husband's...hence this rant and a warning.
Now, to be perfectly honest, I just found out about this client from hell and my husband has been dealing with her for the last two years...he is a brave soul and he really does do the right thing. Revenge would never be in his vocabulary and that's where his wife comes in...just the thought that someone has made a person in my family unhappy and been unfair in business practices towards him makes my blood boil.
When a person will never be happy and will always have something to complain about I feel sorry for them. They are not enjoying life, they are always afraid, and the sun will never shine on their footsteps. I feel disgust toward those that feel that everyone is out to cheat them and feel that their problems are above and beyond all others.
I also feel like I need to show them the error and grossness of their ways, to allow them to feel what others have had to experience when they cross this sad person's so called life. Note that every worker who has tried to attempt to please this woman has come back to my husband vowing never to return.
I know, not a very Christian point of view, but when kindness has been wrung out and good intentions have been slapped aside, I feel as though giving a person a taste of their own medicine is all that may be left. Again, not something my husband would agree to but I am a woman and our minds operate much differently.
The wonderfully wicked thing about this is that I delight in the planning process of my revenge. I would never resort to physical violence (totally illegal and barbaric) but a mental battle of the minds. Hmmm...this person also has a business...I like that angle. Perhaps, give them as much grief as they have given one of my family members... allow them to see their own despicable life and swallow their own bitter medicine. Just writing this gives me a wonderful, warm, feeling inside. Details later...let the battle begin.

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