Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another year, another year older

I just happened to hear this on the local radio station and *whoosh* there I was...back in the 80's once again. This happened to take place in 1985 and it was a really big deal and I believe it made lots of money to help those in Africa and now...well, everything is perfect over there now, isn't it? Um..well, besides the way things are going in other countries...take a look at how things are going for the people involved in this video. Isn't it amazing..sometimes good, sometimes bad amazing how time can really change a person's appearance?!! Look at Michael Jackson..those were the good old days of when we thought he was just "quirky" with the one glove...Billy Joel was skinny and had hair...Cyndi Lauper had a career...Ray Charles was alive...Steve Perry went out in public...who knew Dionne Warwick was psychic...the list goes on and on (and can you believe LaToya Jackson was invited?? snaps to Michael for making that happen)Could this ever happen today? Not so sure with all the egos and production help everyone gets but I would think it would be great to look at in 20+ years.

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