Friday, August 24, 2007

Make mine erasable

What's up with tattoos? In my generation nobody ever got them...a rite of passage at eighteen Now, everyone has to get a tattoo. Some, like my son, has more than one...he has kept elbows to hands clean which is always good for a business first impression. This weekend there's a tattoo convention at the Biltmore resort in Phoenix...the Biltmore of all places ( a little stuffy and conservative...)

I was watching LA ink (spin off of Miami Ink) on TLC and the clients they show all seem to have a certain reason to mark their body for life...cancer free...a miracle child born...remembering grandpa...whatever. But then there were some, like the guy who decorated the tattoo shop, who had the owner, Kat Von D, whip one up on his entire forearm in what looked like a few hours without a moment's hesitation. I take longer to order lunch!
I love a good piece of art but I like to change the art from room to room every once in a while depending on lighting, mood, or for the thrill of it. What are you going to do when you want to move that big ass rose on your arm?


Gina said...

I doubt that someone who wasn't committed to tattoos would get a sleeve or full sleeve. The expense and the "forever" bit can be off-putting. It's amazing how long tattoos have been around, and yet they are still a scandal.

WendyB said...

Tattoos aren't for me personally either. I don't like the permanence! And a lot of people regret them. Laser removal is a booming business. I agree with Gina that the people who do a whole sleeve are probably pretty committed to it (I sure hope so!) but I've known people who've regretted a single fairly large and noticeable tattoo. Their lifestyles and tastes just changed. Separately, thanks for your kind comments on my tortoise!I left a response for you there.