Saturday, August 18, 2007

Deep Dancing Queen Thoughts

If you are a believer in the wildly popular, über successful book, DVD, CD's of "The Secret" you know that your "thoughts become things".
One of the speakers on the program was an Olympic trainer and coach who basically said that when athletes were hooked up to a brain wave recorder device and just thought about their race, portions of their brain ignited to the same level as if they were actually running the real race. In other words, they thought through the race and their brain believed they were actually performing.
So, my question...when I'm working out listening to tunes or when you're sitting watching the video and you start to imagine that you're on a pulsating strobe light of a dance floor with the music blaring...are we using up mega calories because we are imagining, believing we are dancing? I'm voting give me another piece of pie and hit the dance floor.

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