Saturday, August 4, 2007

Here comes the...

I have been shopping for a website designer...what a nightmare.
It's like shopping for a wedding dress or an appearance at the Oscars.
There's a potential of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people seeing it and yes, they will be judging. They want to be impressed. They want to see all the bells and whistles. And I totally feel the same way. Plus, if you want to do it right you're going to have to spend the bucks and be happy that you did and not doubt that you did.
First, you have to connect with a designer. It's like a first date. You think they're funny, creative or you think they're super smart and you admire what they do. And, the funny thing is you want them to like you so they'll work for you, "I know I'm not Sony or CocaCola...but I'm really, truly, fabulous...I could be really big and you could help me get there"...geez...color me insecure mode. I also get worried if I don't hear back from the designer immediately. I know it's Saturday morning but I'm sure they'll want to answer my, now it's Sunday and I still haven't heard back from them.
I had one designer start to work on a minimal project and basically got distracted in the middle of it and left to another project. Never told me, never filled me in. Not very good marriage material for the long haul on a website I realized and began to look for someone else... no money was exchanged, so I felt a little offended, but not abused. Back to the dating game.
When I do find that Mr. Right or Miss Fabulous I'll announce it to the world. You're invited...dress fun and casual, hope you can come.

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WendyB said...

I've been dealing with the same thing. It's terrible!