Friday, March 22, 2013


It's been forever and for the one person out there that still pays attention to this little old blog...things will be changing. and. quickly.
You know how the universe makes you stomp your feet and drum your fingers when things are not going as quickly as they can and you just yell to the heavens why things are not working according to YOUR plan??!
Yep. we've been having days like that. knowing full well that something. would set. it. into. motion.
All it took was a conversation with a teacher at school to set the plan moving. She doesn't even realize what she said.but to me. to me. it was an epiphany. It was like I had never thought of the idea or ever realized it would be possible. and then a lightbulb. Have you ever had those moments?
After I took ownership and began to share this epiphany with family and a tight circle of friends it made me see EVERYTHING so clearly. Where I was and why I was there. Details later. later.
After I give my 2 week notice.

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