Sunday, January 20, 2013

sunday thoughts

so happy that tomorrow is monday and I have the day off. 
over the moon happy that the weather is turning "back to normal" and it's back to a mild winter.
not too happy about the recent ebay transaction that I was involved in. 
I received a coat that was not near as "wonderful" and "beautiful" as the seller suggested. Brought it to ebay protection but since it wasn't a different color or missing a sleeve I wasn't kicked back original payment. 
The good thing about ebay is that I can leave feedback for the seller that reflects how I feel= negative feedback; and a warning to others to watch out for that seller. The better thing is that ebay buyers can't be left negative feedback from the sellers so my 800+ positive feedback still stands. Hell hath no fury...
Keeping busy on this end with school (each day last week recorded minimum of 150 students out with flu, virus, or stomach bug); house hunting in Santa Barbara; flower making for a son's wedding; and a photo shoot for DOTS in March. Lots of posts to come and thanks for checking in.

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