Thursday, January 31, 2013

here to there

Ever have the feeling like things are swirling all around you way too fast but you're basically standing still? It's usually when you're overwhelmed with choices or ideas but none of those ideas are coming to fruition fast enough so you basically feel stuck. and wait. for. it. to happen.
My life right now is being at point A and anxious to get to point C but the road to get there has been fast and furious and at times long and winding and I keep reminding myself to let it B.
When you look back at the biggest moments in your life chances are you see how those times mapped out. How it felt like forever, but in reality there was a reason for the wait. When you look back you see how you started at A, endured B for a bit, and finally ended up at C and thought about what a wild and crazy ride you were just on. And how you'd love to do it again.

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