Wednesday, April 25, 2012

gypsy life

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I have always loved the idea of a gypsy lifestyle although I do need my *stuff*; but remember gypsies had wagons to carry their *stuff* as well. The important things were carefully packed and brought from place to place; boho-chic clothing, jewels, scarves, and pillows to relax on.
That being said we have decided to stay in our hometown for one more year--renting a home--and take our time (and save a few pennies) before a big move to the coast... Santa Barbara. Love SB, but it IS expensive no matter how you do the math. Renting would be double or triple of what we would pay here and buying a house almost makes me cry comparing square footage to square footage.
The next year at my school will be one full of change which always breeds chaos, but I sort of thrive in that as well. It's fun to look back at the beginning of the school year in May and realize how far you've come and how many changes you have accepted and been a part of as well. Three more weeks for me and then husband and I are off to the Santa Barbara/Montecito area for a month and then hooking up our wagons to return to "home"once more...and now we know where that will be.


Manon said...

Amazing post! Thanks for sharing.

Kara said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear more about SB. Happy for you. :)