Monday, September 5, 2011

did you know?

Back in the golden years (that would be those years before all this recession business hit...) there was no second thought of buying $300 sunglasses. I live in Arizona and a girl's eyes need to be protected so why not do it in style?
impulsively bought invested in Oliver Peoples and Chanel sunglasses to my eye's delight and threw them around in my car or on my desk without a care in the world. They're classic and I still like them but my cavalier care with them led to scratches on the lenses.
Did you know that the high end sunglass designers will replace lenses for a small fee? I just sent my Oliver Peoples into their repair shop and for $40 I will be getting new lenses to replace the scarred and scratched originals. Little did I know that the lenses for these are "hand dyed and hand cut to insure a perfect match to the frame" and you can be sure I'll take better care this go round.
How to do it? Go to your designer's website and contact them with your problem and they should be able to Chanel quilted frame glasses are next in line.

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