Tuesday, April 19, 2011

holy cat fight

When a group of women get together it almost goes without saying that someones feelings will be hurt; there will be talking behind people's backs; and inevitably the mother of all women battles: the cat fight.

Lord have mercy for my Principal who has to deal with the 40 women at my school. We're down to the 5 week mark before school ends and needless to say...tensions and stress level are high due to impending deadlines and budget cuts.
I came home from Phoenix on Monday (totally relaxed and chillin) to a phone call from a co-worker who told me that she and another teacher were in the Principal's office after school going at it with words, accusations, and ending with "I am never talking to such and such again".
My first thought was I AM SO GLAD I WAS NOT AT SCHOOL TODAY TO BE INVOLVED. My second thought was how every day at recess I deal with the same problems from the first through fifth grade girls.
What's the deal? Is it inbred that the female population can't enjoy,support, and encourage each other and turn the other cheek in times of trouble? Or are the "Housewives" the reality of our lives?

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Appletree said...

that's why I hang out with the men at my school