Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It's been one of those weeks.
When I first started teaching I had the best schedule ever. EVER.
The reading specialist and I spent our days in what we lovingly referred to as "prison".

An 8x12 foot room; but we did have a very high ceiling and lots of windows on the second floor. Our day didn't really begin until 9:15 or so after we had a "team meeting" (and always with coffee,scones,etc..) discussing our daily lives, television, politics, current events, and every once in a while we mentioned the students we were seeing that day. Our principal was on the same chillax boat and thought we were two very calm,cool, and collected teachers. No doubt.

And now; with all the budget cuts I'm in "prison" alone and no time for coffee, scones, or conversation at times. Don't cry for me Argentina; I do have a job but it's a week like this that can make you wish for the "good old days". And you? Best job ever? *from

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