Monday, November 22, 2010

skinny jeans

love this look. everything. about. it. The scarf, the jeans, the glasses. I have skinny jeans on this morning. I'm wearing spanx with my skinny jeans. I have a feeling she's not.

*image from here


Daisy said...

great look. I love anything leopard! I just posted a leopard print vest in my "currently lovings." now I need this scarf!!!

The Zhush said...

She has got the perfect look! So does your fab blog! :)

this free bird said...

Oh my gosh she is looking AMAZING!! That leopard scarf completely takes it up a notch..but the boots, the glasses, the hint of army...full scale swoon right here on Monday.

Fab blog design, too!!


Kai.Mercado. said...

I don't think she even knows what Spanx are....but I love this outfit too! I have a pair of Black Citizen of Humanity Skinny Legging Jeans(thats a mouthful) that I am OBSESSED with!

Rolerkite said...

love the look and I'm loving the new look of your blog!

shari @ little blue deer said...

It is looking fab over here! Thank you for the awesome post, I LOVED working with you! I was looking at skinny jeans this morning, definitely a no, no and no! Even with Spanx!
:( Have an amazing day, my dear!

Anna Walker said...

Spanx with Skinny jeans?
I just wear a loose flowy top when I am not a fan of how I look in them! :)
I haven't thought of Spanx!
Hope you had a good day!

benson said...

spanx keeps the jiggle out of the wiggle :) and Anna I'm with you- something on top of those "hide me" areas always seems to help.

seesaw said...