Saturday, November 27, 2010

fine doodles

As a "once upon a time in another lifetime" art teacher I have a soft spot for children's art. The honesty, the joy, the "I am what I am" about it all --BUT-- what if you took one of your kid's masterpieces and *ahem* made it better?
What if you added a little color here or some background there--you'd hold on to that sucker for a lifetime instead of two weeks on your refrigerator. And that's just what Summer Hopkins Myers at A Fine Doodle does for you and your wee little artist.
A Fine Doodle is an acrylic painting based on your child's original drawing. Send her your child's artwork and she will reproduce it in vibrant, hand-painted acrylic. The child's drawing will be returned with the finished product and you've got yourself a one of a kind piece of art or gift for the artist or their adoring entourage of relatives.
Interested? Better act quick for the holidays and find out more here.

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