Tuesday, September 21, 2010

did you see it?

we admit it. we were so suckered in with the ads: "this is not THE EVENT. and this is not THE EVENT. but; what is THE EVENT and when will it happen?" that we just had to watch and see. After the first show, we still don't know what "THE EVENT" is--but I'm already thinking the show should have been called "THE THING"....
you know how you're trying to tell someone something and you lose your train of thought and you can't remember a few details of the story and you say: "...then we went to the thing. you know. the thing that we do. oh my god. the thing was so great. let's do the thing again some time."
so, on Mondays we'll be watching THE THING. it's all the same. and it still hasn't happened.

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