Wednesday, September 15, 2010

check it out

Today, I'm teaching third graders about how to write a check (it's in a unit about money) but I started thinking if this was like teaching Latin. Are online banking and automated payments making check writing a dying form of currency? Do you write checks anymore? ever?


kg said...

Yep, I write checks sometimes, for various reasons. If I need to mail a payment, pay back a friend, pay for a trip with an agency that doesn't take online payments; the bat removal guy without a credit card slider, etc. Especially in smaller cities, checks aren't going away any time soon!!

CAPow! said...

I write 3 checks a month:
one to my boyfriend for my share of rent/utilities
one for my car loan because I can't pay it online
and one for my bank of america credit card because I can't pay that online without also having a bank of america checking account, which I don't have.