Thursday, January 7, 2010

when I grow up

Working at an elementary school allows me to imagine what kids might be like as adults. In first grade, there's a little boy named Jacob who is going to be great husband material. He's adorable, tries really hard, and follows directions quite well. Please let me know if you'd like me to reserve him for your 6 year old daughter.
A fourth grade boy I'm working with...let's call him Joey, will either be the greatest salesman alive (comparable to The Donald) or end up in prison.
He is such a pathological liar and is so good at it, I was falling for every line he was feeding me. His family had just returned from China for Christmas (I checked with the teacher on this ; he won a trip to space camp from a cereal box (my kids only got little plastic toys...I was so impressed!), and the latest was that he levitated with batteries and magnets.
Everyday is a new story as he looks me straight in the eye and spills out adventure after adventure and this kid is only TEN years old! From our conversations I gather he watches lots of movies and plays an obscene amount of video games (I am tutoring him for reading...go figure) so I'm sure he imagines much of his stories from all the hours invested in the tube.
As a teacher you often wonder what the future holds for former students. I can't help but imagine that I'll be seeing the 6:00 news with a lead off story about Joey one day.
*update: today I heard about a pitbull attacking him and leaving two teeth in his thigh and how his father has taught him to use a rifle (with or without bullets) to protect himself in the year 2012--the end of the world.

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