Saturday, June 20, 2009

You keep getting older, but I don't

It's always interesting to see former students or classmates of my own children enter into their next phase of life. It could be high school, college years, marriage or parenthood but it always throws me for a loop when they come up to me in "real life" to say "hello".
Wait a minute. Wasn't it just last week that this child was playing in the schoolyard or sharing an adventure with me from their summer vacation? They can't be getting married...they're only 10 years old. I always say to them, "you keep getting older but I don't!" It's crazy-scary how much kids change in a span of ten years.
I remember hearing about a college commencement speech that Hillary Clinton gave and she told the graduating class to "remember this day, this moment. Because for the rest of your life you will always feel like you are this twenty one year old person."
Seeing my friends from college last week let me relive that sentiment. We are as young as we feel and we should be joyful, silly and enjoy carefree thoughts along with embracing the wisdom and patience we have gained with each passing birthday. How old do you feel? For now, I'm 21 and holding...

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