Sunday, April 5, 2009

Does this vintage make me look old?

When I was in my twenties I was all over vintage clothing. I loved beaded frocks from the 1920's along with Victorian white slips to wear in the summer. 1940's power dresses were packed in my closet along with Marilyn wanna-be 1950's-60's halters and wiggle skirts. I didn't think twice about wearing them in my daily life.
Now, when I see other bloggers talking about this vintage site or that eBay vintage clothes seller, I immediately click over to check it out. And then, inevitably, I am disappointed.
I am realizing that when you're in your twenties--you really CAN wear just about anything and look adorable. When you're wearing a vintage top or dress --you either look way cool and hip or just adorable that you're this doe-like creature in this over the top fashion. Go for it!
Unfortunately, and I hate saying this, because I can remember thinking I never would--when you're my age, you need to pick and choose vintage carefully. A "secretary" bow blouse is going to look amazing on a fresh faced lamb--but would just age me.
I love the quality of true vintage clothing and the ideas that are born in the past that create many of today's fashions. I just don't want to look like a Mrs. Roper on Three's Company.


vicki archer said...

Oh so sad but so true. No 'bow' blouses for me either, xv.

jae said...

Mrs. Roper....that's good. How about vintage jewelry....or vintage handbags....the right one can be great for everyone.

Callie Grayson said...

i hear ya on the mrs roper. I have been weeding out my vintage that i once wore when in my 20's but now i look silly wearing them.
but i do love vintage.

benson said...

love vintage jewelry--have been finding some that has been reworked and looks amazing!