Wednesday, September 3, 2008

whatever happened to--

I think I am missing a part of my brain. Here's the story. In a weird chain of events, I am going to have lunch with a high school friend from thirty years ago. We were cheerleaders together during high school...and that's about it. That's what I got. No other memory really slaps me in the face.

I contacted another friend of mine from high school who seems to recall everything during those years. She tells me that I can call her my "holy keeper of the memories". She could actually tell me anything and I just might believe her..."and don't you remember when we ran across the field naked? or when we shaved our heads?" I'm a basketcase for those years.

Memory friend regaled me with stories about my relationship with cheerleader friend...I had no memory. No "aha" moment. I told her I need to be the PSA for staying clean and free from recreational drug use during college years. I can remember a few moments during my four years of high school but at reunions...fuggedaboudit. Who knows? Maybe having no memory of teenage angst is a good thing.


Sarah's Fab Day said...

I'm that girl for my closest high school friend. She always calls me when she runs into people that we knew back then to ask how she knows them. One of them was even an ex-boyfriend! She pretends to know them and how she knew them but she really doesn't. Funny.

benson said...

That is TOO funny! Your friend and I should get together and not remember a thing :)