Wednesday, September 3, 2008


When I was in my 20's (and that would be in the 1980's) I loved and wore vintage clothes all the time. There was a fabulous boutique in Scottsdale, Sweetest Charity, that sold vintage clothes in immaculate condition. Unfortunately, I sold or gave away all the goodies I had bought there...what a child I was...they were so fabulous. Many of the clothes remind me of the gorgeous pieces in My Favorite Vintage-- I'm loving the 1930's evening gown..fabulous!
I only wish you could see these pictures from the 1980's of me and my vintage!(click on them to see a little closer) This was a navy gabardine 1940's dress with the coolest buttons that buttoned on the diagonal. Can you believe I did the beret? How funny was I? This one is from 1985--my hair! My husband looks like a high schooler!We were going to some fancy schmancey ball and I wore a dress from the 1920's- peach silk with white hand stitched beading all over it! I remember I was so fearful that the beads would come off in my chair the entire night!
So, I'm actually feeling like I'm not losing my entire memory...just a few parts here and there (see post below) Word to the wise--take pictures- it helps clear out the fogginess!


la la Lovely said...

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Mrs.French said...

beautiful pieces...oh if you only had them now.