Saturday, November 17, 2007

With Thanksgiving and all

You can't stray away from the knowledge, the thought, the fact, that Christmas and that means Christmas shopping is right around the corner.

I consider myself a year round shopper and feel that those ya-hoos that wake up at 5AM on the day after Thanksgiving run in the same race of people that think New Years Eve is the best night ever to go out and party.

They have no experience...they're just running blind, desperate to get a deal, any kind of deal that Wal-Mart is going to throw at them. Lucky you to be the recipient.

My advice is to really think of your gift. Take a moment to consider what the receiver may truly enjoy rather than what you can afford or get "at a great deal". If you're coming up empty then why not do something personal like baking biscotti (I have a friend who gives this every year and I LOVE it!) and a pound of great coffee. Or, if you know someone new in town then create a journal of great restaurants, savvy hairdressers, or doctors or dentists that you would recommend. A subscription to a magazine you know they would like. A favorite picture of you and he/she in a great frame. Whatever. But think of the person...not just the gift.

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