Monday, October 28, 2013


Where does the time go?! Autumn is upon us and the holidays are getting ready for the first punch...Halloween! 
The busy factor got pushed into high gear when we took a trip back to Arizona for a week in the middle of this month to empty out our storage unit filled from the sale of our home two years ago.
Besides the task of loading and unloading boxes; the biggest activities have been deciding on the perfect pumpkin and choosing Halloween costumes. 
Eleanor is a Garden Gnome and Ruby will be an Ice Cream scary costumes any day in my book.
We never really did Halloween when my kids were growing up. It was always a tightrope holiday with the church we attended. If you didn't dress like Jesus or a character from the Bible you felt like you were doing something wrong or given the evil eye. The church "Harvest Party" was always a substitute but my kids liked their candy and the thrill of going door to door to get the goods.There are arguments for both sides but the idea of little kids excited to dress up and feeling so exhilarated going through the neighborhood to collect candy in their pumpkins makes me smile. 
The picture of both girls was taken during "snack time" at the pumpkin patch farm and these girls take their snacks seriously! I have learned to always be prepared when you leave the house with kids and one of those commandments is to bring SNACKS! It still amazes me the quantity of food that little ones can eat and the number of times they could/can/do eat during the day. 

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