Thursday, September 20, 2012

bad moon rising

I'm not a read-your-horoscope-everyday sort of girl but I stumbled upon astrologist Susan Miller who writes up a monthly forecast which has proven to be crazy good.
 Earlier in the year she wrote about the many changes that would be coming to my life (so true) and when our search for housing was chaotic, Susan's forecast gave me the exact month when we'd be moving into new digs...scary true again. The monthly horoscope has been spot on for my husband and youngest son as's so weird; but it's so true. 
That being said, word to the wise that September 29 (plus or minus 4 days on either side)is a bad moon rising. 
You may want to argue with someone but don't. Try not to travel. Observe and don't react. 
I like how Ms Miller puts it: "Remember, astrology shows the condition and tensions surrounding the event, but not the outcome - that's up to you." She stresses how she can tell you things by where the stars and moons are but it's up to you to make things happen. Take a look and see what this month was all about for you (and look again on 10/1 for October's forecast) and remember to keep calm and carry on in the next week.

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Carla said...

Awesome video Donna!! LOVE that song, so many memories.... and to ease your mind, I will be a home body on the 29th, lol!! My husband and I will have 4 kids at home and we have absolutely no plans. We were going to do the pumpkin patch, but his 10 yr old daughter said "not interested"! I pop in every now and then and read your blog, love the dress code posts!! You haven't changed a bit! If you get a chance email me sometime, would love to hear from Have a wonderful weekend!!!