Thursday, July 5, 2012


Seasons change. Homes change. We change. The best part about this packing up and moving on is that all of my old stuff looks really fresh and new to me. How awful is it to say that I have good taste?! It's fun to put together new rooms with my "old" furniture...reinvent where a chair used to be but where it is placed now. My bedroom even has new-to-me linens on as's nice. The worst part of the rental is having to live with certain things I don't care for...carpet. ugh. Our former home was lots of gorgeous wood and tile and so...clean. cool. great for area rugs. oh well.
I've lost 17 pounds. amazing, right?! The good thing about losing weight is that your clothes don't fit. The bad thing about losing weight is that your clothes don't fit. Looks like I'll be busy with eBay as soon as I get the house in order.
I'm changing jobs. I was at the elementary school for 12 years as a "paraprofessional"; a fancy word for teacher's aide. Although with today's economic times I was more like a teacher at times. Small groups for reading; teaching whole class while teacher did computer work; along with a plethora of outside duties from cafeteria, crossing guard, playground, bus duty...the nuts and bolts of what keeps a school going. It was nice although at times too much drama with the teachers but whatevs...The school is undergoing a change and my job was going to be basically a full time computer teacher (at a parapro's hourly wage) along with all the duties and I just thought it might be time for an employment change for me.
This fall I'll be at the high school as an attendance clerk. First thing that came to mind was Ferris Bueller and the principal's secretary who knew all the cliques of kids and who was who. Hope I can be as cool as she was.

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Kara said...

Wow that is a lot of change. But change is good. Let's see some photos of the new place! :)