Thursday, January 26, 2012

move it or lose it

Have you read this book? I heard about it and ordered a couple of copies for family and friends that are going through changes in their lives and (obviously) had to read it before I handed a copy over!
The book is super easy to read and basically about how we deal with change in our lives, in our careers, and in general. If you read my last post I mentioned about visiting other schools to observe their cafeterias and see how they handled the  day to day lunchtime discipline...and so glad I did! Such great ideas and ones that I hope our school embraces.
That being said when the subject of "change" in the lunchroom was brought up to our custodian (who's been at the school 20+ years) I could totally see who he was in this book. He wanted to "stay in the same room- cheese or no cheese"- because that's what we do. That's how it is.
Maybe I should give him a copy to read?


1x1000 said...

I read this book about 12 years ago during "potty" breaks at aprevious job! LOL! It was good then and I reflect on it even today! I must read for life changes and how to recognize and handle them.

Rolerkite said...

that's where that came from!! We got this in the mail, but it didn't have a note or receipt or anything. We had a real WTF moment.