Friday, December 23, 2011

road trip through Provence -part 1

This is Moulin de la Roque where we are staying. It is an estate from the 1600's that used to be a flour mill. The current owners have spent the last 15 years remodeling the buildings into rooms and homes for people to stay. This is the front of the building and when you go through the arch there are several out buildings where guests stay.
This is the view from our kitchen window. The grounds are gorgeous and there is also a swimming pool, trampolines, and games for summer weather at the far end. Our home that we are staying in is below. It was the original flour miller's house and has been remodeled to include all the modern conveniences. The owners tell us it's gorgeous when the wisteria is in bloom during the warmer months and creates a canopy over the terrace.

So not to be your Aunt Rose with a slide show of our trip; I'll break this up in a couple of posts. Our first stop is Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue. The guidebooks tell you that this is the Florence, Italy of Provence with water and canals that surround the city. We were lucky to hit a market that are common on different days in the surrounding cities throughout the year.

 This one is for Ruby. Look closely and you'll see Geese, bunnies, chickens...and they happen to be nibbling on baguettes.
 One of the canals in the town. There are very few decorations or advertisements to remind you that it's Christmas...and a big reason why visiting a foreign country at this time of year is a bonus. Plus; many of the villages on our road trip were basically tourist free (except for us!).

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Rolerkite said...

that house looks amazing... and that perfect blue sky. What a very Merry Christmas indeed