Tuesday, December 14, 2010

office party

The children at my school get SO excited to have their Christmas parties this week. It makes you smile to realize how little it takes to make a great party for the 6-12 year old crowd. There's no loud music (maybe a few Christmas carols playing...),the food table includes sugar with more sugar, no alcohol, and no lampshades, but the kids have the best time. Maybe the adults can learn something from them?


nicole ...given said...

seriously your blog is soo flawless

benson said...

that is the sweetest thing to say--but did you notice how many times it took to get this picture and font to work properly?! Flaws, flaws, many flaws... :)

AppleTree said...

I'm really excited planning my kindergartener's "winter" class party this year. It is all about sugar and fun.